About Calorie Girl

Hello and thank you for visiting Calorie Girl. I am Rachel Margetts, creator of the Calorie Girl brand, UK Registered Dietitian (RD) and busy mum of two gorgeous girls.

As an enthusiastic foodie my passion is to help inspire busy people and families to a healthier and happier way of eating. Like many mums I know how difficult it can be at dinnertime to get a quick, nutritious and healthy meal on the table. Calorie Girl’s aim is to take the panic and stress out of your meal times and help guide you into making family meals enjoyable so that you can spend more quality time together.

As a Dietitian I have the knowledge on how to create healthy balanced meals from minimal ingredients for your family.  Through teaching family cookery sessions I have found that many families really struggle to put together new, creative, healthier meal ideas each night without opening packets and jars of processed foods.

Being a busy mum I know how stressful it is to even get dressed on time each morning therefore combining both my dietetic knowledge and my experience as a mum I decided to create the Calorie Girl brand.  

My aim is to help you to organise yourselves to be able to cook healthy, no-nonsense, simple family meals (you wont find any lemongrass or mung beans here!).


Rachel Margetts  BA,Bsc,RD